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Sylvania School Levy

I caught this Letter to the Editor in the Blade this morning:

"The Lucas County treasurer explained that our Sylvania property taxes just went up so much because the new, large school levy that recently passed in November had special fine print few voters probably read. It allowed the school to retroactively tax all of 2016, almost a year before the levy was voted on, so they could collect right away."

I'm confused; the way levies work in Lucas County is no matter when they are passed, they are collected in full the following year. So does this writer not understand that or is there something new going on? Any ideas?

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Not sure whether the letter writer is correct on this or not, but I do
think it's rather interesting that this letter is published on a day that
there is no print edition of the Blade. Certainly reduces considerably the number of people in Sylvania city or township who will read this info and question the powers that be about how we're being taxed. The school levy that passed was nearly 6 mills. Huge
as far as this senior citizen is concerned, and before someone says
homestead exemption, our lovely state legislature took away the homestead exemption on "new" levies a couple of years ago, so we all get to pay the full amount of this levy.

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