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Interesting houseplants

Just moved in to a new office and have need to add some greenery to my workspace. Any recommendations on places with a wide variety of interesting and perhaps unusual indoor plants?

created by Ace_Face on Apr 13, 2017 at 10:41:07 am     Comments: 8

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Alas, my two favorite greenhouses are gone ... Barrow's near Toledo Hospital got swallowed up by Big Green, and Anderson's is no more.

For the weird exotics which won't be seen anywhere else, go to Bench's a few miles east of Oregon. They are expensive but creative and unusual.

All the big box stores get shipments of large tropical plants periodically - there's a huge supplier in Florida who trucks them north on a regular basis. It's hard to beat the prices for gigantic greenery at $12.99. So you could check Lowe's, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart. If the shipment has come in you'll see a hundred large pots to choose from, including Traveller's Tree or Bird of Paradise. They are tall and kind of strange-looking.

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Speaking of plants - has anyone heard when Owens College will have their annual plant sale?

Ace_Face you may want to look there as well.

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Is Ben Sells still open on Door... ? I have gotten some unique succulents there. They had a great variety of house plants an seasonal plants. I always like a good Spider plant too. Easy and bright.

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While not a huge selection, and inventory is spotty, Costco has some excellent prices on indoor plants this time of year.

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Yes, Ben Sells is open and still carries a very wide selection of house plants and succulents. Mary Machon has the unusual stuff as well as the tried and true.

I often use house plants in my shade outdoor containers. Ill be heading over there maybe next week.

Home Depot - Airport Hwy. had an interesting seasonal display of house plants a few days back. Some nice potted palms as I recall.

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If anyone is a plant/gardener enthusiast and wondering where to shop now that the Andersons is going away I'd suggest giving Bostdorf's greenhouse a try on Rt. 25 north of Bowling Green.

I stumbled onto this place by accident and was surprised and delighted. Eric Timm bought the operation a short while back from Bostdorf. Its a family run operation. Timm is a very astute and knowledgeable plantsman.

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