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Firewood storage / code

A neighbor mentioned that there is a code for proper firewood storage in the city of Toledo. Looking online I'm finding Ohio code but nothing specific to t-town.

Does anyone know if we're under any local rules for this? We have some neighbors that looooove to call the city of code infractions and I want to make sure we follow protocol.

created by upso on Apr 16, 2017 at 12:50:35 pm     Comments: 4

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I'm not sure about city codes but you'll want to make sure the wood stack is 6 inches off the ground and not close to your house or garage...rats will burrow under the pile and mice will make nests in them.

posted by Mike21 on Apr 16, 2017 at 03:19:10 pm     #  

And, don't forget about termites. Keep the wood as far from any structure as possible.

posted by Foodie on Apr 16, 2017 at 04:19:23 pm     #  

Our local code, not Toledo, reads like this and should be a model for Lucas County,
Firewood and other solid heating fuels shall be stacked or piled in a reasonably compact and orderly fashion in the rear yard. Woodpiles must be elevated six (6) inches, located six (6) feet off the lot lines and can not exceed six (6) feet high. Woodpiles may not harbor rodents or be covered with tarps. Such storage shall be subject to all applicable fire regulations

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Thanks guys!

posted by upso on Apr 16, 2017 at 08:00:26 pm     #