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New UT Board President Has Shady Past

So UT has announced that Steve Cavanaugh will be its next chairman of the Board of Trustees. Interesting.

Cavanaugh is the executive vice president and chief operating officer of HCR ManorCare. The same HCR ManorCare that is under federal investigation for Medicare fraud. The Department of Justice has accused ManorCare's administrators of putting pressure on its employees to provide medically unnecessary services to Medicare recipients for the sole purpose of increasing the company's profits. Yep--that's who you want overseeing your Board.

All of its fraudulent actions were brought forward by a whistleblower employee.

QUESTION: How do slimy characters like Cavanaugh not only survive, but flourish after this type of information is revealed?

Look on the bright side, maybe Cavanaugh can obtain enough illegal funds to help UT get out of its budget crises. Really sad.

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Either the word "alleged" or "convicted" usually goes in there somewhere. Well, and a source for the information, if credible.

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April 2015 - (apparently, no updates since)

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