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Laundry Service

Any of you folks routinely use a laundry service? How does that work out for you? What places around town do the best jobs? Costs? Gotta say....somehow I think this is going to take off in the near future.

created by BulldogBuckeye on May 18, 2017 at 09:44:18 am     Comments: 1

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Dry cleaners have to be hurting with so many companies going casual now. Now that my boyfriend rarely wears a suit to work he only uses one a couple times a year. When he was having cleaning done weekly he always used Adams on Adams street near Poco Loco for suits and dress shirts and was always really happy and still uses them the couple times a year he needs a cleaner. A lawyer in my office uses Lasalles and is happy with them.

Drop off laundry is nothing new. When I rented in the late 90's I used a laundromat beside the Elbo room on Alexis and they had a drop off laundry service and I think they charged by the pound. I never used it since I don't mind doing laundry and I figured it was going to be a bigger pain making a second trip to pick the laundry up than to just do it myself there.

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