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Single piece of furniture moving advice

Looking to see if any TT'ers who have moving experience have some advice.

We moved from Toledo a year ago and have been renting our home in Toledo to a relative who will be purchasing the home in a few weeks. We have a large, heavy, custom platform bed at the house we allowed our relative to use that we would like to get down here to our new home in Texas.

There are no disassembly instructions. We need a company to disassemble it, shrink wrap it and deliver it in Texas. Once delivered we can have someone down here assemble it or if the company provides that service have the do it on this end too.

Option B for us is to make our way back to Toledo and rent a cargo van and do the work ourselves.

Any advice would be appreciated.

created by Danneskjold on Jun 10, 2017 at 09:05:12 pm     Comments: 5

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Well. I just moved, and a regular moving company will cheerfully take the bed apart, move it, and put it back together again. Make sure that you (or someone) takes more than a few pictures of the bed before the movers lay hands on it, and take the same pix afterwards. You'll need this in case of a claim. Make sure the mover's insurance covers replacement value, not just current value. For instance, the bed may have cost $3000 new; it's theoretically worth $1,500 used; and costs $80,000 to actually replace due to scarcity, etc. If you hire a mover, you'll have to have someone there when the movers arrive to pack up the bed.

I suppose you might try a do it yourself move, but that entails flying to Toledo, loading the bed (how big is this monster, anyway?), then driving to Texas. U-Haul will rent you the truck, but make sure you know who to call when the truck breaks down in the middle of no where.

You could also hire two gorillas and a beater. Cheaper than a professional mover but more expensive than U-Haul, there are men out there who will do the work. You can also hire them to load the U-Haul in Toledo and unload it in Texas, which is an attractive option.

Me, I'd go with professional movers, and I just moved to Columbus from Toledo. Life outside the gravel pit is good.

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(how big is this monster, anyway?)

It's a queen size bed but has an attached headboard with attached nightstands. All heavy stuff. You are correct in your assessment about the value. It's a pretty rare bed made by a company called Ello that is no longer in business. We're going to put in a few calls Monday to moving companies. Our cost to drive North, disassemble and pack ourselves and put in a rental van would probably still be below what a nice platform bed would be so we'll get it done one way or the other. The goal is [lowest cost and lowest hassle and least amount of damage]


posted by Danneskjold on Jun 10, 2017 at 11:03:07 pm     #  

I'd recomend trying a regular freight company over a local mover since a local mover will probably charge to deliver the bed and then the empty truck drive home. If you stick with a moving company you may be able to find a national company that will do a one way cheaper than a local company would charge.

When I bought my bedroom furrniture I used a online wholesaler in NC and they had a freight company deliver and set up the bed and I think it was around $280 for the delivery I paid the freight company direct (I can see if I can find the name of the company when I get home). They set up the bed for me.

Another thing you could try is see if the family members or a friend in Toledo want a free trip to Dallas. Offer to rent a one way u-haul from toledo to Dallas and have them drop off the bed and offer to host them for a couple days and buy them a one way plane ticket back home. Might be cheaper than hiring a professional and they would get a free trip out of it for a little bit of labor

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The goal is lowest cost and lowest hassle and least amount of damage

Pick two. What you'll end up doing is trading cost for hassle and chance of damage. I looked up Ello furniture online, and all I can say is Wow - Big Bucks

I'd hire pros to move it, and make sure they are pros with recommendations from past clients.

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Thanks for the inputs. I'll circle back after a few calls Monday.

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