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Damn man...

Anyone know the story on this one? Washington Township cop, apparently. Making viral rounds now thanks to sites like ebaumsworld:

Did this happen recently and I missed it or is this an old thing that is just being brought back around?

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Appears this happened in September, 2013. If you Google
"Washington Township family abused by cop" , you'll find numerous
articles on the incident.

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Eric Hart was reinstated and went on to star in other bad part time cop videos.

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And now, the rest of the story... The trailer park where this happened has a no parking on the street policy as the road is not wide enough for a parked car and emergency vehicle to fit. The residents all know this. The park also has a drug dealing problem and the customers have a tendency to park in the street for a quick pickup. The police know this so a car stopped in the street get their attention. Seeing the car in the street and after running the license plate and it comes back as expired and the cop begins to talk to the driver. that is when the father pulls up in his car and begins hollering at the cop. He is told to return to his car and refuses. The father is known to the police and has a history of violent charges against him including domestic violence, menacing, assault and others. The cop is forced to deal with the father and not the traffic stop and when the father does not comply with the cop, he is forced to take him to the ground and handcuff him. the woman in the father's car then confronts the officer and he has to deal with her, all the while with no police backup. He is pointing a Taser, not a gun, He is dealing with a known violent offender and no backup. when the video begins... .

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Am, come on OT - you know how America is these days - never let the facts get in the way of a good "bad cop" story.

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He patrols that area regularly. Cleaning up the messes, getting drunk drivers off the streets, etc. He also work for TPS and does a fine job. Always 2 sides to the story !

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