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Life surprised us: we put our house on the market with the belief it might take a bit of time to sell, inspect, appraise and close. That's not how it played out, so we now need a place to live for about 3 months. Prefer a couple beds and baths in a neighborhood that an old lady might feel safe at night. Standart is a possibility. Any other suggestions from my favorite source of recommendations? Thank you.

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If you are talking standart lofts that won't be a possibility, there is a waiting list so I am sure they won't do short term rentals.

Are your buyers in a position where they can wait to move? I would contact them and see if you can rent you current residence back from them for three months. That would be your best bet since it would mean not moving things two times.

Some apartment complexes may do short term leasing or they may know of a tenant that wants to move under lease who is willing to sublease.

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Put all your stuff in storage for 3 months. Round trip airfare for two seniors from Detroit, MI (DTW) to Bangkok, Thailand (BKK) is about $1,700. You can rent a furnished apartment in Bangkok for about $500 per month. Travel up to Chiang Mi or Phuket and stay a month or so if you like. Both are incredibly beautiful places. Apartments in Chiang Mi are a little less than Bangkok; Phuket is kind of expensive by comparison. Hire a Bangkok Bar Girl for about $100 a day or less as a guide; explain you don't want to get taken by the landlord, and you're willing to pay her a guide fee. Specify happy ending or not, so if you're not into a three way your fee will be less, she'll be happier, and tell her you'll help her learn English.

You'll get a memorable vacation out of the deal, and when you come back you can find a new place to live.

And by the way, the cost of living for one person in Chiang Mi is less than $1000 per month; two people is only slightly more. You get around by scooter, and you have to learn the language to a certain extent. Some people can get along with this, others not so much.

And, by the way, should you go do not rent a car and try driving. Bad bad bad. Do the taxi / tuk tuk thing, or rent a scooter.

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That is some of the best short term housing advice I've ever heard. I have no plans to move, but it sounds like it'd be one hell of a vacation.

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