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Diamond Jack Detroit River Cruise

Highly recommended. Went last week on during my staycation. They run every Thursday thru Sunday, departing at 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm. Price is a steal at $20/person for a two hour tour. If you go on their website, there is a printable coupon taking the price down to only $15/person (wish I would have seen that last week!). There are two different trips. One leaves out of Rivard Plaza next to the Ren. Center. Free parking. That is the tour we took. It went North past Belle Isle, Kid Rocks' house, mayor's house, just about to Lake St. Clarire, then came back down the river on the Canadian side (where there were some absolutely beautiful homes!), under the Ambassador Bridge, a little further South, and then back. You cannot bring your own food but they do sell snacks, pop, beer and wine. Very enjoyable. The other tour leaves out of Wyandotte and we will go on that one soon. It goes past the old Boblo amusement park and up toward Detroit. There is a steep ramp to get up on the boat, but my mom uses a walker and the crew was very nice and helped.

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I second that recommendation! We had a great time last year and learned some amazing facts about Detroit ... for example, the remains of an old Native American mound at a city park overlooking the water ... the Mariner's Church which tolled its bells and inspired the song about the Edmund Fitzgerald ... the statues commemorating the Underground Railroad facing towards Canada. Just being able to see into the riverside steel operations was worth the price of the tour!

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The Sandpiper was bought by a younger couple and this is their first year as owners... and the old owner is out.

There's a bunch of cruises lined up through the Fall.

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I want to do the diamond jack cruise. I have fond memories of Boblo Park when I was young.

I hope Sandpiper does well. Jody, the new owner, used to be a manager at Biggby downtown and the place was ran a lot better when she was in charge

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Yeah, Jody is great. My wife made that new Sandpiper website and branding. :)

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>My wife made that new Sandpiper website and branding. :)<

Her contact information is not at the bottom of the site should someone like the design. That is if she does it professionaly.

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Nice site! There is a typo on "About Us" page.

"Constructed of welded steel and The Sandpiper is inspected annually by the U.S. Coast Guard"

Should read:

"Constructed of welded steel, The Sandpiper is inspected annually by the U.S. Coast Guard."

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Thanks! Will pass along.

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Mary Dalby ran a tight, safe ship while bringing a lot of smiles to a great number of people. It's good to see a continuum for one of Toledo's jewels. Fair seas skipper Jody.

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