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2017 issue 2

it appears to me that the voters in Ohio are being squeezed by two behemoths on issue 2... two different commercial interests; the "for" people are carving out a special payout for their specific specialty and the "no" vote sponsored by large drugs companies.

there may very well need to be legislation passed on the issues surrounding prescription costs... this doesnt appear to be the answer and i would prefer a national policy so we dont have a patch work of half assed solutions.

but the real story here, for me, is the apparent abuse of the ballot initiative process in the state of Ohio... what was promoted as a way for citizens to by-pass legislative gridlock is once again proving to be a way for large and wealthy corporate interests and issues to actually avoid the Ohio legislature to have their special interest made part of the Ohio constitution... just like the casino's successfully did and as the marijuana initiative failed to do.

we in Ohio would be better off if the ballot initiative process were rescinded

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Couldn't agree more. The casino issue would have been better off just simply legalizing them, open to the free market to fill the demand, instead of granting a monopoly to Penn National. Same thing with Marijuana, simply put it on the ballot to legalize without corporate strings attached.

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