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Does anyone have the stats on recent shootings over the last few weeks/ months. Based on the local media reportings it seems the old south end and the north end are having incidents during the day let alone when the sun sets.

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Each individual report would have the incident time, but probably not the aggregated data that they track, like total number of homicides, etc.

In the final analysis, it is probably not the darkness of the day, but the darkness of the heart that determines when and where criminal shootings will occur. I know the gun has no vote.

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Repeat infractions of gun violations require more than a harsher stern talking to. Those guys who did not learn, cannot learn, refuse to learn need some time to think about why they have been separated from the rest of us. When they have proven they prefer to disregard the codified law regarding firearms the ramification should carry forward throughout their youthful lives until they are too old to have it matter anymore. It's time to cease worrying about feelings and pampering and smack them beside the head so that their ears ring. We need to keep everybody on their two feet, vertical position because all lives matter each and every one. Chicago is more than a disgrace from the loss of life. If Cook County can't get the job done then the fed should step in and do it. Enough with the excuses.

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There is a certain finality to death.

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Oct 10-11, 2017 Blade story

There have been 133 people shot this year in Toledo, according to a Blade review of police records. Thirty-four homicides have occured this year in the city, and police have solved 21 of those crimes

"The Blade Homicide Report" - for 2017
"The Blade is tracking homicide victims in the Toledo area"

That Blade page lists each homicide and maps the locations.

Here's a larger version of the interactive map that's embedded at the above Blade web page.

The below screen capture of the map shows all but a few of the locations. Enlarge image.

Red = gunshot. Blue = stabbed. Black = severe head trauma.

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^ fairly tight circle

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It's not exactly what the OP was asking for, but it's as close as I could find. I had a link at one time to a map of all the shootings for a single year, 2012 I think, but it was never updated.

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