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A letter in today's Blade bemoaned the lack of snow removal from sidewalks and mentioned that all the bus stop benches were buried by snowplows after our last snow event.

I hope the new mayor's decision to ride once a week brings improvements.

I got to thinking, there is very little about the TARTA system that makes me want to climb on board. Signage is paltry and shelters are rare. I see a lot of riders waiting at broken cement benches. There are no trash cans, so frequent riders (and passersby) leave their fast food garbage right at the stop.

Other cities nearby have nice-looking shelters, electric buses, smaller buses, streetcar loops, and interesting, unique, artistic advertisements on both buses and shelters.

I won't automatically vote for more money for TARTA operations unless I see some change in how the system presents itself to current customers and potential riders. I feel like TARTA just wants more money to do the same old ugly, noncreative, dirty, substandard things.

Maybe TTers have some suggestions ... I do hate to complain about something and not offer a feasible solution. But damn!

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I used to rely on Tarta for a few years when I was in college and didn't have a car and/or worked at places at downtown that didn't provide free parking and have been lucky enough to travel to some major cities in the past 25+ years to some major cities and I can tell you that our bus service sucks big time. It sucked in the 80s when I used it and I heard it is even worse. Most cities I go to I can avoid renting a car and I think a car is almost a necessity here.

Something I like in a lot of big cities is they have decent apps. If you are at an intersecdtoin you can open their app and put the intersection you are at and the direction you want to go and it will tell you real time when the next bus will be there.

It's my understanding that except in peak times, on a lot of bus routes tarta only runs once an hour. Most big cities have buses that run at least every 20 minutes.

Most big cities I've been in have crosstown busses that you can take instead of having to go downtown and wait until the top of the hour for a transfer.

A lot of cities I have been in have bus stops with heating elements (which Toledo needs in this climate during the winter in at least major intersections) stating when the next bus will be there but most cities I have been in have a few bus lines that run to major intersections.

Tarta has a lot to be desired and sometimes I think that outside of peak business hours they may be better off having a direct pick up and drop off service like TARPS for all passengers during non-peak times.

I think it could end up being cheaper if they just subsdidized passengers with Uber and had them service getting people around outside of peak downtown business hours.

And I think it's great that Wade is riding Tarta once a week. I am sure a lot of the Tarta board members never ride Tarta. I remember in the 80s when I went to UT they had a UT student on the Tarta board as a UT respresentative that had never ridden Tarta. I think Tarta board members should be required to ride Tarta at least once a week.

And as someone who lives and works downtown and would rather walk or bike I agree with the letter writer that Wade's administration should start getting on people who don't shovel their sidewalks and that Toledo isn't very pedestrian friendly. I know this has been brought up a few times on Toledo Talk and there are sidewalks that never get touched.

I was at the warehouse district meeting last month when Karen Poore spoke and it was mentioned that the downtown/warehouse district wanted to be pedestrian friendly but that isn't going to happen if sidewalks aren't cleared of salt and ice and the lighting problems aren't fixed

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