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Looking for recomendations for places that can program a car keyfob

Are there any local places that can program a car keyfob? The keyfob remote for my car is messed up and needs replaced and I'm told the dealership will charge around $250 to $300 for a replacement. My car only came with two keys and no valet key and when I had the remote starter put in my car they required the spare key so this is my only key.

I've found blank keyfob remotes online but they need to be cut and programmed. I am fine having two keys on my keyring and just having the spare fob programed to unlock and lock my car. There are some videos on youtube on how to do it but it requires a device that can program the fobs.

Are there any locksmiths in Toledo that can do it? I was told McElahaney can't and they are the only locksmith I know of locally

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Try Batteries + Bulbs on Secor across from Russ' car wash. I've seen the various FOBS in their store but don't know if they can do the programming.

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Ames Locksmiths on West Sylvania.

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A1 Locksmith at Sylvania and Bellevue. I bought a key for my Accord online and they cut and programmed it. I don't remember exactly, but it was well under $50.

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Horn locksmith on the corner of Conant and the Trail in Maumee.

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I went thru this recently, some cars have a limit of 3 remotes until they HAVE TO be reprogrammed by the dealer. About a year ago I purchased a new key on amazon and had it cut at AMES on sylvania, programmed it my self after a little research and it worked fine. the new key did not hold up well and was falling apart and the remote quit working. I was quoted around $230 for a key and programming at the dealer. I ended up going to TAS and having a remote start/key-less entry installed for $270 and the new systems don't require an additional key. does the key still start the car in the ignition and the remote control no longer work? if that is the case maybe they can swap keys with the remote starter.

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Step one: go to and see whether your car is self-programming or not. My truck was. My car was not. The keyfob I expected to be a hundred bucks was $17.00 and I programmed it myself in the truck in a few minutes.
If your car is the type that must be programmed "by a locksmith" or "the dealer" it is actually just using the OBD port. You can buy a set of keyfobs and a PROGRAMMER on amazon very cheap that goes in your OBD port, making your car a "self programming."

If you need keys cut, Lowes will cut your internet car key for free.
Any normal auto repair place with an OBD programming/flashing setup can do your fobs if you don't want to own the OBD programmer for next time. I had it done at the friendly ASE shop nearest my house... for free.

I just went through this for three vehicles. Don't overpay. I averaged about $20 per fob, programmed. No higher.

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I bought a fob on Amazon and had it lasercut by Express - it was less than $30. I didn't need the programming (swapped the guts out of a broken key) but he said he could do it. Really nice guy but definitely call ahead - he's a one man show so he's not often in the storefront.

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Thanks for the info. Appreciate it. I didn't know lowes would cut an internet key. I didn't realize some cars only allowed three keys maxed to be programmed. I have a remote starter on my car and they programmed two fobs for that so hopefully that isn't the case for my car (2014 Toyota). I would just use the Fob for the starter but it won't open up the trunk and when I used to use the starter (I have heated garage parking at home now so don't even have a need for it) half the time it wouldn't unlock or lock the doors anyway and I just used the key.

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Thanks for the headup on I called Jim White and the parts department can get the buttons for $25 or if I wanted a whole new key it would be around $275. remoteremote had just the replacement fob for only $7.95 with free shipping:) The mark up at the dealership is absurd.

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When I go to, it asks me to download a file. What's up with that?

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Anniecski it should be

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I'm also a vote for do it yourself. Re-made our Toyota Prius keys by harvesting the innards of the old broken keyfob and buying a new "shell" for the outside. Works perfectly.

I'm not Mr Handyman, but most YouTube instructional videos are made for idiots, so I learned how to do it fairly quickly. And program the car too (slide the key in and out 7 times, open and close the door 5 times, etc. It's a goofy dance to do the programming, but it works).

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