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Tankless water heater install

Anyone have one installed by a local contractor? Recommendations?

created by a_fan on Mar 07, 2018 at 09:07:34 pm     Comments: 9

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Only thing I know about them is my parents had one installed and hated it - but they were on a well, which had less-than-consistent water pressure so it didn't work well for them.

posted by not_me on Mar 07, 2018 at 09:55:14 pm     #  

I have a Bosch tankless natural gas side vented in the basement installed by a friend in 2003 (can do 2 things at once). Just like a regular tank it takes like 7 or 8 seconds to get the hot water thru the lines, but then you got add another 7 or 8 seconds for the water to be heated. Which means the dishwasher gets cold water for those extra seconds like the washing machine. I think I burned the dishwasher electric water heating element up because of that, now I always turn the water at the sink. And don't forget, you turn the shower or other water off and then turn it back on, yeah your going to get the hot water in the lines, but then your going to get pure cold water waiting for it .to heat and run thru the lines. One thing is, I've only had to have it serviced once by Pugh, mineral build up in the lines before the water heater, the new ones have a clean out value and you are suppose to have vinegar run thru the unit and they have a release value. Shows you how to do it on the internet. This thing cost me 1200.00 in 2003 but my friend ran the electric, natural gas, re routed the water lines for 400 plus material. So it was about 1700.00 in 2003. Pugh came me an estimate of 4200.00 to replace it in the Spring. But after they cleaned the copper line before the unit, it's working perfect. No I will not think about it, a tanked gas one will go back in. In 2003, this replaced an electric tank. Remember that wait factor, yes you have hot water for ever, but you turn the facet off then back on, you have the hot water in the lines, then you get pure cold water and maybe 7 or 8 seconds later you have hot water forever again.

posted by Nyse on Mar 07, 2018 at 10:18:37 pm     #  

yes you have hot water for ever, but you turn the facet off then back on, you have the hot water in the lines, then you get pure cold water and maybe 7 or 8 seconds later you have hot water forever again

And that's how people who don't drink coffee wake up in the morning.

posted by Anniecski on Mar 08, 2018 at 10:00:36 am     #   3 people liked this

I stayed at an AirB&B place that had one of these things hooked and it really turned me off. I like the idea of saving money on the electricity, but the whole 4 days we stayed there the shower ran hot/cold hot/cold hot/cold hot/cold no matter how long we left the darn thing on.

I know...that's not how they are supposed to work. But first impressions die hard.

We are sticking with a tank with a timer.

posted by oldhometown on Mar 08, 2018 at 04:04:56 pm     #  

Well, I've had them installed in three new builds and only one has been replaced, with a newer technology condensing unit. I also add that these units provided heat for the whole home as well as hot water. The wait for hot water was the only drawback, something you can condition yourself for...if you want to. Or you can keep 50 or so gallons of water hot all the time. A small recirculating pump can be installed that will keep the wait time down, won't get into proper sizing here, too much to consider. When my old 40 gallon gas kicks the bucket, it will be tankless for me. To each his own. ROI should be considered depending if you are staying or leaving in a few years.

posted by MI_Builder on Mar 08, 2018 at 07:45:09 pm     #  

We had one, but it was the primary water heater in our pickup truck mounted camper. The water lines were probably four feet or so at most, so we didn't get the hot-cold-hot-cold property feature with our unit.

My brother tried one down in Memphis, TN. He mounted it just outside the shower for the master bath, and it worked okay. He said he'd never in a zillion years use it for the entire house.

Now me, I drink... in the morning. I think if I got a blast of ice water along with my morning shower I'd make the national news.

posted by madjack on Mar 09, 2018 at 11:47:04 am     #  

When we remodeled the house we just bought the general contractor and plumbing sub both were very negative about installing them. Particularly in med sized to larger homes with long plumbing runs. We choose not to. We would have to waste cold water to get hot water plus a wait. Didn't make sense.

posted by holland on Mar 09, 2018 at 12:09:52 pm     #  

My brother thought about installing one at his house when he ws getting ready to replace his old hot water heater and was advised against by a friend of his who is a plumber. He has a well though so not sure if that had anything to do with it.

posted by classylady on Mar 09, 2018 at 01:09:36 pm     #  

Two issues with tankless water heaters are annual maintenance, the units have to be flushed annually to remove scale which requires the water to be turned off, unit flushed with special chemicals to remove the scale and restarted and it's recommended to be done by a "professional". Second is cost, while they do save energy, when compared with a standard natural gas water heater, it would take longer than the design rated life of the unit to recover the initial higher cost of the unit vs the energy savings.

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