Toledo Talk Estimated Worth $4,343.50 USD

Guesstimations... Estimated Worth $2511.20 USD

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Interesting how calculates.

They take the daily search engine ad revenue * 365 * 2(years) to get the sites net worth.

I wish they were the least bit accurate...

I wanted to purchase but could only get the guy down to about $30K...I should show him this estimation site :)

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Interesting. My site is worth an estimated $3365.30, though I suspect it would be worthless on the true market, since it is a personal site: no HM, no value. Maybe some entrepreneur would buy my site and rent me for $50 a post for my thoughts, who knows.

Now, if I wanted to completely whore out the site with non-stop paid ads, paid links, and every "click here" scheme available, I could milk it for about $20-$30K before I chased away all my traffic. Good to know, should the economy collapse and I am forced to pimp time-share condos and male enhancement products in order to eat.

posted by historymike on Oct 20, 2008 at 12:03:45 pm     #  

I suspect there's less money in the internet content arena than people in the industry lead on.

The few people I know who claim to make decent money have never shown me any proof. And when pressed they get sketchy about it.

Has anyone actually bought anything from a popup ad? I click them when there's something amusing.

The whole internet bubble existed because most the stock was tied up and not for sale as options for employees. That wasn't a market, that was controlled fleecing.

posted by charlatan on Oct 20, 2008 at 04:58:36 pm     # is most populer in UNITED STATES. Estimeted worth of is USD 1686.3 according to websiteoutlook

The bottom fell out after 2008 like most assets.

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Ever since Ryan left it hasn't been the same.

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