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There was a great article in the Toledo Free Press about a new site called History Documented

Toledo Free Press

_Written by Julie Ryan | | news@toledofreepress.com_

Toledo-area war veterans no longer need to let textbooks tell their stories. Instead, residents and students can hear and see their narratives and learn from their experiences.

Late in 2007, Toledo natives Chris Wulf and Rick Neeley discovered their shared passion for history and began asking area war veterans to convey their stories. They founded History Documented, and gave local veterans the opportunity to document their war experiences."

How cool is this? As a teen I learned to play euchre by going with my dad to the local legion hall and playing cards with his pals. Often they'd talk about their time in the service. This would be the Korea era. Now very few of thes guys are still alive, and the ones that are are in their 80's.

What a great way to remember them and their stories!

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This is such a wonderful project.

A week ago, I attended the funeral of a WWII veteran, one who had been the recipient of two Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars. He also happened to be a good story teller! Last summer, he was interviewed by someone with "The University of Toledo's Veterans' History Project for the Library of Congress" which sounds like a different program from History Documented, but similar and perhaps related.

Anyway, we are so fortunate to have received an audio recording of the interview. I know I treasure my copy. It's 45 minutes of his stories, in his voice. It's a gift to have it, truly. Especially for his grandchildren. I wish I had something like this from my own grandfather, who passed away in 1995 and was also a WWII veteran.

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