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Meals For Shares Fundraiser - March 26


Dear Friends and Community Supporters,

You can help support 22 different non-profit organizations in the Northwest Ohio Community by just having a good Pizza meal with your family or friends. On Thursday March 26, 2009, there will be a Meals for Shares fundraiser at two Marco's Pizza locations. The two locations are 5248 Monroe (across from Target) 419-882-330 and 5055 Glendale (near Reynolds) 419-385-3030. Orders can be placed for carryout or delivery, but you must say that it is for the Northwest Ohio Community Shares fundraiser when ordering. NOCS will receive 15% of all orders placed at these locations from open to close. Attached is a flyer with coupons. You can use these coupons or any other Marco's Pizza coupons or even no coupons at all and it will all still count towards our fundraiser as long as you order from those two locations on that day and mention it is for the Northwest Ohio Community Shares fundraiser. Please forward this email and flyer to anyone that would help support NOCS!

Thank you for your support.

Amjad Doumani - Executive Director

2052 Collingwood Blvd., Suite A
Toledo, OH 43620
Office 419-243-6637
Cell 419-290-1683
FAX 419-255-8099
"building social and economic equity and a healthy environment"

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Thanks for the info! I hope they do well with this fundraiser.

posted by MaumeeMom on Mar 20, 2009 at 09:45:15 pm     #