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Don (or maybe George) Young's Restaurant (and window painting)

I suppose this is a real stretch here, but I keep thinking about a man in the old west end who had a restaurant on the north side of Central Ave just east of Maplewood.

Don's (or maybe it was George), Saturday night special was family style Chicken and Dumplings. It was really something special.

Don/George was quite a Guy. He came to Toledo from somewhere down south, working his way through the great depression buy hand painting signs and store front window lettering/advertising.

He used only three or four basic colors which were mixed from powder (I believe with water). The colors were Rose, a Pastel Green, Powder Blue (I think), White and Silver. His style was unique and just about every store and shop on West Central Avenue between Detroit Avenue and Maplewood displayed his work.

I recall listening to Don's stories of travelling around the country during the depression as a great adventure.

He offered to teach me his skills as a painter in exchange for dish washing, but as a Kid, I was more interested in Baseball and Bicycles.

I've always regretted not learning that skill. I believe you could actually "keep the wolf away" so to speak by hitting the streets and peddling this type of skill. Don said that when he hit a business area he would do the first window which was always a diner or restaurant for a meal. Then the other store owners would see his work and he bartered for a place to stay and/or a little cash for the road.

Don had a Son who was also a great guy and a painting contractor in Toledo. I remember they used to buy houses in the neighborhood and fix them up and resell them.

They were a great asset to the neighborhood and always willing to help someone down and out.

Well this was a nice walk down memory lane. I just wish there was someone around that remembered.

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I lived in that area, what year was this?

posted by nana on Mar 29, 2010 at 11:24:30 pm     #  

The mid 50's to late 60's

posted by rch101 on Mar 30, 2010 at 07:57:01 am     #  

ah, I was too young to appreciate it. I rememeber a bowling alley, Glenwood Lanes, I think, in that area. I walked from Glenwood Elementary to an afterschool bowling league. That's where I heard about Pres Kennedy.

posted by nana on Mar 30, 2010 at 11:40:33 am     #