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Huron Street Market, who knew?

We don't watch much TV, so maybe I missed the announcement. There appears to be a Huron Street Market now, on farmer's market days downtown. Last Saturday there were flea-market-style vendors set up on the sidewalks, alongside official-looking signs from the city. Anyone know about this? Will it continue into the fall? I hadn't seen anything like it until this weekend. Might be a good business opportunity for someone who wants to set up a table.

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These are popping up everywhere. There is a large building on South St Clair that is being renovated, past themanin post office. This is to be a flea market. I have also seen them in other parts of Toledo, that have opened as of late.

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Thanks for the heads up. I saw all those signs when I was down there Saturday morning and wondered what they represented.

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The farmers market was packed Saturday.We try to get there when we can. I have to work three out of four weekends so I am limited to how many times we can go in a season.We did notice additional vendors along some of the sidewalks.Maybe this will expand to other parts adjacent to the market.They also had a salsa contest at the market Saturday,

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