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If you're logged in, scroll down and click "edit" and use this page to test the Textile quick reference commands and the app features listed on the help page.

testing paratags

Content within the paratag statement will be shown with a different background color. Paratags are tags at the paragraph level while tags are used at the page or article level. Not sure of the paratag's use for Lewiki, but I'll list it here just in case. I like the idea of tagging at the paragraph level. Provides for more meta data options. The idea comes from Traction Software's use of what they call "labels."

some text and then another paragraph with that's labeled with a different paratag:

The Lewiki code doesn't create a "taxonomy over time" for the tags or paratags at the paragraph level, although it's an interesting concept. Traction has existed since at least 2002, and it's called enterprise blog software. They changed their website recently, and they may now have the most hideous URLs of all-time for their content pages.



  1. A first item
  2. A second item
  3. A third
  1. Fuel could be:
    1. Coal
    2. Gasoline
    3. Electricity
  2. Humans need only:
    1. Water
    2. Protein
  • A first item
  • A second item
  • A third
  • Fuel could be:
    • Coal
    • Gasoline
    • Electricity
  • Humans need only:
    • Water
    • Protein

I spoke.
And none replied.

one™, two(R), three©.

At Lewiki, headings 1 and 2 will be automatically underlined. Headings 3-6 won't be.

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

Header 5
Header 6

An old text

A block quotation.

Any old text

This is covered elsewhere1.

1 Down here, in fact.

I believe every word.

And then? She fell!

I know.
I really know.

Cat's Cradle by Vonnegut

Convert with r.to_html

I'm sure not sure.

You are a pleasant child.

a 2 + b 2 = c 2

log 2 x

I'm unaware of most soft drinks.

I'm unaware of most soft drinks.

I searched Google.

I am crazy about Toledo Talk and it's all I ever link to!

Image title or alt text goes here

This next command makes the image clickable, but the border is still left around the image.

Use good 'ol fashion HTML, I guess, to not display the border around a clickable image witht the border="0" attribute.

Align the image to the right.






attribute list
align left
align right
valign top


Grey cell





More Sample Text Examples Using Textile

This is a title

This is a subhead

This is some text of dubious character. Isn't the use of "quotes" just lazy writing -- and theft of 'intellectual property' besides? I think the time has come to see a block quote.

This is a block quote. I'll admit it's not the most exciting block quote ever devised.

Simple list:

  1. one
  2. two
  3. three

Multi-level list:

  1. one
    1. aye
    2. bee
    3. see
  2. two
    1. x
    2. y
  3. three

Mixed list:

  • Point one
  • Point two
    1. Step 1
    2. Step 2
    3. Step 3
  • Point three
    • Sub point 1
    • Sub point 2

Well, that went well. How about we insert an old-fashioned hypertext link? Will the quote marks in the tags get messed up? No!

This is a link

this isa^<>{height:200px}. row
this<>{padding:10px}. isanotherrow

An image:

optional alt text

  1. Librarians rule
  2. Yes they do
  3. But you knew that

Some more text of dubious character. Here is a noisome string of CAPITAL letters. Here is something we want to emphasize.
That was a linebreak. And something to indicate strength. Of course I could use <em>my own HTML tags</em> if I <strong>felt</strong> like it.


This is some code, "isn't it". Watch those quote marks! Now for some preformatted text:

	$text = str_replace("&lt;p&gt;%::%&lt;/p&gt;","",$text);
	$text = str_replace("%::%&lt;/p&gt;","",$text);
	$text = str_replace("%::%","",$text);

This isn't code.

So you see, my friends:

  • The time is now
  • The time is not later
  • The time is not yesterday
  • We must act
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