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Update on Sarge

This has a video with it. He looks so happy (:

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Thanks for the heads-up GDW -- I'm not getting the BF newsletters lately!

The link didn't work for me. Others can access the story right now by looking for "Paladin" (Sarge's new name) on Best Friend's front page at He's their lead story.

Awesome video, thanks again. He looks great! I have incredible respect for Best Friends.

posted by jmleong on Mar 28, 2011 at 12:18:43 pm     #  

I agree jmleong. Wonder why link did not work? Hmmmmm!
He looks very happy now, almost cried with joy!

posted by golddustwoman on Mar 28, 2011 at 12:21:59 pm     #  

anyone ever know what happened to the guys that shot him?

posted by mk123 on Mar 28, 2011 at 07:50:35 pm     #  

just check the Blade archives for Sarge, easy to find out. Thanks for posting this, I really thought there was no hope for him after he got aggressive at the pound. Not his fault, but how many animals are put down every day for something not their fault? so glad BF stepped in. cool.

posted by nana on Mar 28, 2011 at 10:34:11 pm     #  

I loved the video of him just enjoying himself. I know what you mean nana, I am glad they took him as well.

posted by golddustwoman on Mar 29, 2011 at 12:34:24 am     #  

"anyone ever know what happened to the guys that shot him?"

See and (I cannot find a Toledo Blade article archived regarding Mick's second round of sentencing from March 15th, but WTVG has it).

posted by jmleong on Mar 29, 2011 at 02:48:44 am     #  

Past Toledo Talk related threads:

Excerpts from the Mar 22, 2011 Best Friends article, which loads unsuccessfully in my old Web browser. That article has 24 comments:

When Paladin came to Best Friends, nobody could get near him. "He was just completely terrified," says Best Friends dog caregiver Carissa Hendricks. His caregivers didnít try to push the issue. At the Sanctuary, animals are given the time they need to trust. There was no rush. As with any animal who comes to Best Friends, Paladin has a home as long as he needs one. Meanwhile, caregivers did all they could from day one to help him feel safe.

All things considered, itís nothing short of another miracle how much heís healed emotionally since then. Progress came in bits and pieces, but Paladin has reached a point where heís now so excited to see his caregivers that heíll run over, wag his tail and play bow when they enter! "Heís starting to get really, really affectionate," says Carissa.

Paladin has proven himself to be extremely intelligent. "Heís one of the smartest dogs Iíve ever met," says Carissa. He knows basic obedience skills, as well as a few tricks. Carissa explains that they canít always tell when they teach him something new, or if he simply knew it already, because he catches on so fast. Heís one smart cookie!

Caregivers have found that Paladin loves going for outings in the Best Friendsí dog park, a huge fenced-in wilderness area, complete with all sorts of bushes and trees to sniff and explore. Paladin will take off and zoom around the space for all heís worth. At this point, his caregivers often sneak behind a bush to hide. Once Paladin returns to find them missing, he knows the game has begun!

You can help him continue to get the specialized care he needs by sponsoring Paladin.

More about his name:

A paladin is defined as a "Champion" or "defender of a cause".and this is just what Paladin is - a champ. You see, he survived insurmountable odds in order to be where he is today.


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Thank you very much for the video, it made my day!

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