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several questions about the band - are they/were they from toledo or were just a couple of them from here? was jt from here? have they changed their lineup? what is with gigging under the name jt nero? is this like wilco where the band was essentially reshaped by tweety til he found the sound/karma he wanted?

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Jeremy is originally from Toledo. He played in the Rivermen back in the day, spent some time in Cali I believe and has been in Chicago for the last 7-8 years. I think the JT and the Clouds lineup is pretty fluid so yeah, I get the impression that it is pretty much his vision.

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The core of JT and the Clouds - Jeremy, Drew Lindsay (Jer's brother - keyboards), and Dan Abu-Absi (guitar) are all Toledo natives. Jeremy is the songwriter for both the full band JT and the Clouds projects, and his solo JT Nero projects. Chris Neal, who attended the Univ. of Toledo, and played with the Rivermen, has also relocated to Chicago and plays with the Clouds on a regular basis. The line up shifts a bit due to scheduling, if the gig pays enough to send the whole band, etc. Chris, Drew and Dan typically record on the JT Nero CDs, even if they don't tour with JT Nero on a regular basis. The Clouds just finished a weekend run in New Mexico.

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For those interested, Jeremy has started a group with his wife called Birds of Chicago (dating back many years). They are outstanding, and this is a video of their latest song. They mention Toledo, the other women is Rhiannon Gibbons of Carolina Chocolate Drops (great Americana band), who also collaborated on the “Basement Tapes Revisited” a few years ago, with Marcus Mumford, Elvis Costello, and a bunch of other great and famous musicians.

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dan abu-absi is also in a chicago based latin band named radio free honduras who comes around toledo periodically... look for them at the idiot

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Used to love seeing the Rivermen play at the Distillery on Sunday nights back in the day. Good times.

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