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Blog post from September 8, 2001 - Shopping downtown Toledo at the markets

In August 2001, I installed a blogging tool called Greymatter on a free Web hosting site called Hypermart. This became my personal blogging setup. When Toledo Talk began in January 2003, I stopped using my personal blog site. In 2003 or 2004, the free hosting site announced they would no longer be free, so I downloaded and saved my blog postings. The blog post below is unedited, so it may contain numerous spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.

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09/08/2001 "Shopping downtown Toledo at the markets"

This afternoon I, along with my wife and stepdaughter, went to downtown Toledo to the Farmer's Market to get some produce. We also purchased some freshly made Italian bread from the Massina's located in the Erie Street Market.

Both places, located next to each other, are excellent places to vist. The Farmer's Market is outdoors, but with a roof over the tables of produce brought in by local farmers. It's only opened on the weekends.

The Erie Street Market is indoors in an old renuvated warehouse. There are all kinds of little businesses located here. Some are only open on the weekends and others everyday. I really enjoy going downtown and shopping at these places.

Downtown Toledo has really changed a lot in recent years and it's all for the better. More restaurants and businesses are taking up residence in old, remodeled buildings. It's good to see these great looking pieces of architecture being preserved.

The new Toledo Mud Hens baseball stadium, nearing completion, is only a block or so away from the markets and it will be open for baseball next year.

We visited the Toledo library, also located downtown, last weekend. A new building was added to the existing structure and it had its grand opening just recently. It's a really nice libary. I plan to spend a lot time there this winter.

I love going downtown. I keep trying to talk my wife into moving into one of the new condos or apartment buildings that have opened within the past couple of years. I also think it would be great to be a computer programmer in a business located in one of those cool old five or six story buildings located on one of the side streets, but downtown Toledo is not noted as a high place for high tech.

This fact, however, may change as a local group is trying to attract more high tech businesses to move downtown. The organization, known as ITANO, holds informal gatherings at a bar/restaurant once a month for high tech individuals to network with each other and to bring attention to Toledo and hopefully, get more companies to locate downtown.

It's fun to watch the transformation of the city.

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