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Toledo Talk Infomercial Project???

Trying to figure out how I am going to productively utilize my time this winter, I wanted to throw out something to see what the reaction would be.

Would anyone be interested in participating with promoting Toledo Talk in a video commercial that would be hosted on You Tube. I have all the equipment and software required, I just lack projects and people to perform in front of the camera, to get anywhere.

Looking for people that will talk positively about the Greater Toledo Area and Toledo Talk. The main message would be Toledo Talk is the website to join for similar thinking minds. Real names donít have to be used, screen names donít have to be used, (but it would make more sense) and you would only appear in your particular interests. Those performing can select the location or locations that make sense for their particular interest. Each person / topic would be taped independently to minimize participantís time with the project.

Just give me an idea if anyone would be interested, and if there is a positive response, will post my ideas and this would be a good place for anyone else to post theirs concerning the project.

BTW, does anyone know who runs Toledo Talk, because Iím thinking I better get their permission for the project as well.

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toledo talk is JR's site:
personally, i'm all for things that promote toledo. it would be super interesting to see what a larger audience to TT would bring

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