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Toledo Blade Editorials     First off, I am not a Blade Basher. I realize that the Blade has gotten thinner and offers less coverage than it did in the past, but that is not the Blade's fault, but rather the forces of the internet at work. Lately, I have noticed an editorial shift at ... more>>
created by Dappling2 on Sep 03, 2017     comments: 9

Utah Nurse Arrest - story is MUCH MUCH bigger     I'm procrastinating tonight so while texting my college son about the nurse who was arrested in Utah for stopping the police from illegally drawing blood, I decided to watch the whole video, not just the news snippets and I could not believe what I heard. At approximately 12:33 I heard ... more>>
created by not_me on Sep 02, 2017     comments: 8

Councilwoman Harper at it again     It seems Councilwoman Yvonne Harper -- who once told a critical supervisor she knew many "important people" -- is now bullying teenage fast food workers. This is a Facebook post from a teenage fast food worker who had an unfortunate encounter with the councilwoman. With the post was a picture ... more>>
created by MemyselfandI on Sep 02, 2017     comments: 53

Revolution Grille     This morning I saw a Mancy's Ideal sign up at Revolution Grille. At first I thought they were just adding on to the restaurant but it appears they are also about to become part of the Mancy's chain. Wondering if they plan to close the original Mancy's. Does anyone know ... more>>
created by trixanne on Sep 02, 2017     comments: 8

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil     At least one of our three county commissioners should have had the stones to accept a White House invitation if not for the purpose of demonstrating the courage to go into the belly of the beast than to perform what they are paid for such as representation. If the federal ... more>>
created by Mariner on Aug 29, 2017     comments: 20

Any recomendaitons for a bike direction app that works with an apple watch     I know there are other bikers on here. Anyone have a recommendation for an IPhone app that gives biking directions and will work with an apple watch? For biking directions I use the Google Maps app but I need to have my Bluetooth earbuds to hear the directions and don't ... more>>
created by jamesteroh on Aug 27, 2017     comments: 3

Looking for bones or antlers...     Any hunters have animal bones or antlers available? Or know where I can find some? I'd like to put them in my yard for squirrels to chew on. Thanks.
created by treesyjo on Aug 27, 2017     comments: 1

Bike parking at German American Festival     Anyone know if there is a place to secure bikes at the GAF? Boyfriend and I want to go tomorrow and since the weather has been so nice thought we'd bike. We don't want to get there and find out there is no place to lock our bikes up at
created by classylady on Aug 26, 2017     comments: 7

More offensive things     It looks like New York city might be in the process of removing it's monument to Christopher Columbus. So I was thinking it might be a good idea for folks in Ohio to start thinking of a new name for our state capitol.
created by Wydowmaker on Aug 25, 2017     comments: 21

Looks like good news for the Anderson's Maumee store     New buyer wants to keep a similar type store: I hope he does well.
created by classylady on Aug 25, 2017     comments: 12

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