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Grubhub vs eatstreet in toledo     which one is better to order from , please share your experience . Thanks
created by salemale on Jun 06, 2018     comments: 0

Suggestions for downtown activities for gay 20 year old     My 20 year old nephew is going to be spending a little bit of time with us this summer during his college break and looking for suggestions for things for him to do downtown during the day while we are both working. He's a college jock type and loves to do ... more>>
created by classylady on Jun 05, 2018     comments: 19

Downtown guy in mask and cape?     Just curious as to if anyone knows the story of the guy that is around downtown wearing a cape and mask? Ive seen him a few times.
created by stooks on Jun 04, 2018     comments: 12

It's been 3 months since jr or justread have logged on     Seems odd.
created by Molsonator on Jun 04, 2018     comments: 15

The Docks     I dont think it takes an expert on the restaurant industry to know.....its only a matter of time before eventually The Docks perish. I dont get it. I know these projects have been unavoidable....but my god, these folks (proprietors of the restaurants) cant catch a break. Its been going on ... more>>
created by BulldogBuckeye on Jun 04, 2018     comments: 8

The Olive Italian Scratch Kitchen     Anyone know ANYTHING about this? They have signage up on the old Pumpernickles location on Collingwood. I've done my due diligence, but I can't find out anything!!!
created by gamegrrl on Jun 01, 2018     comments: 18

Jersey Mike's     Anyone been to Jersey Mike's on Secor yet? Anything special about them?
created by Foodie on May 31, 2018     comments: 14

Out of State Car Purchase - Titling / Registration     Were purchasing a used car out of state, far from Ohio. Following the purchase, it will remain out of state while someone attends college. Can we title and register it here in Ohio without actually bringing the car here to Ohio? If so, what do we need? What should have/bring/prepare for?
created by Solleks on May 30, 2018     comments: 2

Anyone here go to the Community Biking Conversation at Wildwood     I know there are a lot of other bikers on this site. Anyone go to this Wildwood today? I wanted to attend but they started at 4 p.m. and I had to work. It would have been nice if they had it later in the day for those of us with ... more>>
created by classylady on May 29, 2018     comments: 4

Old West End Festival 2018     Well well well, it's that time again! Warm weather is here, and festival season is upon us! I'm going to (as usual) paraphrase myself from previous year's festival posts: The biggest (and in my opinion best) neighborhood festival is coming! June 1st, 2nd & 3rd... Here is a FB page, to keep tabs on: and ... more>>
created by upso on May 23, 2018     comments: 9

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