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Leave it to T-town     Toledo is the most dangerous place in the state. WooHoo! Yee Ha!
created by golddustwoman on Mar 14, 2017     comments: 12

Landlord/Tenant question     There is rental property next door to us. Our driveways are next to each other, with our chain link fence between them. Before Christmas, they had a sewer back-up, and their clean-out is next to the driveway. The plumber cleaned out the sewer, which was full of toilet paper and ... more>>
created by MsUnderstood on Mar 14, 2017     comments: 11

Telephone scammers are up to their old tricks again     Received a call today from 412-385-9058 from a lady asking me to tell her my blood pressure and heart rate. I responded "First you tell me yours and then I'll tell you mine." at that point she hung up. Checking that number online I learned the call came from McKeesport, ... more>>
created by flinty on Mar 14, 2017     comments: 5

Anywhere to get Toledo themed artwork?     Looking for Toledo themed artwork. For reference, I really like this
created by ckbeats21 on Mar 12, 2017     comments: 8

UT accounts payable     Anybody here with a roadmap on how to navigate the University's accounts payable system? I'm trying to get some satisfaction for some labor performed over the course of a year and am running up against some finger-pointing. Thanks for any insight...
created by noiseboy on Mar 10, 2017     comments: 2

Hen House Liquor License     I drove by said-named (for now) strip joint this morning. There was a sign advertising they are serving liquor and beer again. I thought they lost their license due to the drugs/shootings going on there. Anyone know how they got it re-issued?
created by Brewster on Mar 09, 2017     comments: 8

Freezing Pipes Danger?     Okay, guys, need some input and hopefully it will be reassuring. I'm out of town right now, and my power at home went out with the winds yesterday. At first I thought it would be okay because the weather was in the 50s, but now it's looking to get to ... more>>
created by MsArcher on Mar 09, 2017     comments: 6

"alt-right" neo nazi posters popping up in the area     I figured with Toledo's troubled past with Neo Nazi groups that this would be of interest. I hate that I even feel the need to post about this... Someone is sticking up vague white power posters around Toledo and also Bowling green. BGSU earlier today sent out a press release about ... more>>
created by upso on Mar 07, 2017     comments: 52

Cost to Build New House     What is the current cost (per sq ft) to build new around here? Like Sylvania or just north into Michigan. Looking at 2,000 - 2,500 sq ft. Also how does building on your lot compare price wise to a developer's subdivision? I'm talking standard build - preferably 2 stories, unfinished ... more>>
created by presbacon on Mar 06, 2017     comments: 18

Pizzagate     Has anyone here done any reading up or know about a guy named George Webb (not his real name), on Youtube who talks about Pizzagate and its involvement with child trafficking? He claims both the Bush's and the Clinton's are involved. He also talks about the trade in organ harvesting ... more>>
created by reggie on Mar 06, 2017     comments: 8

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