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GreenTech L.P. - Computer/Electronic Recycling     Officially licensed in Ohio (GreenTech L.P) is now accepting the following items for recycling/refurbishment: Computers/parts/accessories Laptops/parts/accessories Tablets Telecommunication Equipment Battery Backups LCD, and CRT computer monitors (Sorry no CRT televisions) Plasma, LED/LCD Televisions Printers/Fax machines/Ink Cartridges Cell Phones/business/home phones VHS/DVD players Lithium Ion Batteries (cell phone or laptop non-working ok) Video & Audio Equipment PBX Systems Projection Equipment Cable boxes Receivers & Transmitters Security Equipment Gaming Devices Cameras Wiring/Cables Any other ... more>>
created by ewaste80 on Jul 08, 2017     comments: 4

1888 map of Lucas County overlayed on a modern map (best on desktop, drag slider on top right for transparency)     Found this on and it has me fascinated.
created by TrilbyGuy on Jul 07, 2017     comments: 4

Moving company recommendations?     Long story short, I inherited a LOT of furniture and I need to move it about 10 hours away to Toledo. Has anyone here had great success with a moving company? I am not looking to spend an arm and a leg, as this furniture is somewhat unexpected... but I ... more>>
created by upso on Jul 05, 2017     comments: 6

Bridge Jumper.
created by stooks on Jul 05, 2017     comments: 0

Toledo night life 1979     Good story on makin' the scene in Toledo back in the day.
created by breaker on Jul 02, 2017     comments: 23

Store Name??     Trying to remember the name of the now closed book store that used to be next to Target on Monroe Street. I think it was a national chain that sold books, cd's and movies (VHS tapes) before DVD's came out. They even had some sheet music. Great store but the chain eventually went ... more>>
created by CatLady on Jun 29, 2017     comments: 5

Old Model Trains     I rec'd a bunch of old model trains from a family member. Does anyone know of a shop that deals with these things. The trains are thought to be from the '40's and seem to be in good shape. Would love an idea on worth and wouldn't mind possibly selling ... more>>
created by Postal on Jun 28, 2017     comments: 6

Toledo Botanical Garden To Be Fully Operated By Metroparks     Today the employees of the Toledo Botanical Garden were informed that the Toledo Metroparks will be fully taking over fiscal and management operations of the garden. Some employees will have an opportunity to apply for similar positions at the Metroparks. Others will not. Toledo Grows will continue to operate separately ... more>>
created by holland on Jun 28, 2017     comments: 1

Illegal Trash Tax     on FB City of Toledo Residents may see their blue toters being inspected by workers who will try to help people learn what is and is not permitted in curbside recycling. Teams will work through November to help educate the public by placing “Oops” notices on doors specifying what material ... more>>
created by Mariner on Jun 28, 2017     comments: 13

Short Term Rental     Life surprised us: we put our house on the market with the belief it might take a bit of time to sell, inspect, appraise and close. That's not how it played out, so we now need a place to live for about 3 months. Prefer a couple beds and baths ... more>>
created by LetItBe on Jun 27, 2017     comments: 4

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