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Teen Therapist Recommendation     I'm looking for a good therapist for my 16 year old son. Just someone to talk to about issues he's going through, nothing specific, so don't know what speciality or anything. Does anyone have any good recommendations? It's not something I just want to Google hope for the best.
created by JoeyGee on Jan 09, 2018     comments: 4

Whitmer     Has anyone else seen this? My BF was looking as something on YouTube and ran into it. I could find no local media that did anything... This was so cool
created by golddustwoman on Jan 08, 2018     comments: 14

Sleep study     I have to have a sleep study because of possible sleep apnea. I wake up a few times per week gasping for air. I'm told it can affect your heart, blood pressure and even blood sugar, so I got the order from the doctor to get the sleep study, but ... more>>
created by bikerdude on Jan 04, 2018     comments: 12

The Casual Pint coming to Westgate     According to its FB page, Casual Pint is coming to 3550 Executive Parkway, so what would it be replacing? What spot there would be big enough for something like that? Savers?
created by westsidebob on Jan 04, 2018     comments: 5

Bar and Restaurant Service in Toledo     RE: The Claddagh is closing at Franklin Park, and the from the comments.....the service was horrible. Is it just me, or maybe social media overstating......but have you been experiencing consistently poor service from various bars and restaurants in and around the Toledo area? Is there something bigger going on? Is ... more>>
created by BulldogBuckeye on Jan 03, 2018     comments: 5

Wade sworn in     Biggest crowd EV-AH!! At least 5,000 people there, easy. Way more than PHH had or Carleton.
created by BulldogBuckeye on Jan 03, 2018     comments: 2

Wei Wei closed again?     Does anyone know what happened to them? I know they had issues a while ago, but they just up and closed again.
created by golddustwoman on Jan 01, 2018     comments: 65

Pre-Payment property taxes     Blade is reporting an up tick in this to avoid 10,000 deduction limit next year. I have been advised that "The cofrence bill short-circuits any immediate year endbtax planning. With a provisuob that disallows prepayment of taxes imposed after 2017." Has anyone heard similar advice.
created by In_vin_veritas on Dec 29, 2017     comments: 14

/P Tape     Continuing previous discussion from this thread ahmahler posted at 07:27:45 PM on Dec 27, 2017: Re: McCabe-why did he say he couldnít verify it? Because, the FBI hasnít verified it. The Congressional enquiries have. Along with Muellerís investigation.... Why do people actually think thereís a conspiracy afoot vs the most likely scenarios? ... more>>
created by ahmahler on Dec 28, 2017     comments: 5

Cruising Royal Caribbean Out of Ft Lauderdale     Has any ToledoTalk Peeps gone on a cruise out of Ft Lauderdale? This is my first cruise (not real thrilled about it) and they say get there a day early - which means spending the night. Crappy hotels are $350. Seems like highway robbery. I am tempted to fly in ... more>>
created by Molsonator on Dec 27, 2017     comments: 17

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