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Laundry Service     Any of you folks routinely use a laundry service? How does that work out for you? What places around town do the best jobs? Costs? Gotta say....somehow I think this is going to take off in the near future.
created by BulldogBuckeye on May 18, 2017     comments: 1

New NBC sitcom to be set in Toledo     ohhhh boy.
created by endcycle on May 17, 2017     comments: 29

Looking for someone to grade my yard...     Hiya! We're having drainage issues and need to fix the overall grading of the yard around the house. Looking for someone reliable and budget-friendly. Anyone have a fave they can share?
created by endcycle on May 17, 2017     comments: 8

Why the free advertising for UT     Coming into Toledo on Northbound I-75 we see a huge yellow and blue Toledo Rockets sign on the Nebraska Road overpass. Does the University of Toledo pay for this huge advertisement? At least when Carleton Finkbeiner was Mayor it said Toledo Pride. And how about the city garage just a ... more>>
created by kritter on May 17, 2017     comments: 11

Metroparks Request: Downtown Needs An Aerial Gondola Across River     The technology exists in ski resorts and tourist towns. Places like Austin, Texas are floating some plans to relieve urban congestion via gondolas. We could have one connecting the future Marina District Metropark (or the Maritime Museum) to the Promedica campus (or to COSI). Design the cars large enough for someone to ... more>>
created by viola on May 16, 2017     comments: 9

Sylvania owner(s) to be announced May 17     Any idea who the owner(s) might be?
created by westsidebob on May 16, 2017     comments: 3

Anyone know local clock smiths?     I recently inherited a grandmother clock that my great grandfather built in the 60's. The middleweight is working but I think the outer two on each side are locked at the top. Any suggestions TT's?
created by stooks on May 15, 2017     comments: 16

Mother's Day 2017     A happy Mother's Day to all Mom's of every flavor and level. You make it all happen. Unflappable, stalwarts, the strength of the whole darn thing. Thanks for your rock steady stability. Hope you all enjoy a good day.
created by Mariner on May 14, 2017     comments: 2

LCRC improvement potential     Curious.....have there been any whispers of improving the utilization of the LCRC? Seems like thats been a forgotten destination. Im guessing its in need of re-invention and some investment. Any ideas from TT how it could be improved or used in the future? On a related note.....for a good chuckle, ... more>>
created by BulldogBuckeye on May 12, 2017     comments: 30

RIP to the purple lady, Rachel Amelia Presha    
created by endcycle on May 10, 2017     comments: 1

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