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Food Trucks are back on St. Clair     Yesterday I saw a food truck on St. Clair and am told that food truck season is here.
created by classylady on Apr 13, 2018     comments: 0

Medical Bill Gripe: Can they do this?     Recently my husband went to see his primary care physician for a routine visit. He waited 45 minutes in the waiting room past his appointment time. He waited an additional 1hr and 15 minutes in the exam room. Disgusted, he walked out of the office and was leaving when he ... more>>
created by holland on Apr 13, 2018     comments: 12

Opening Day     Gotta say.....St. Clair was rocking. The entire block. Picnic tables lined up on the street was a great addition. Festival-like atmosphere. DORA in full effect. Some changes, I hope, needed for the future: more port-a-johns. Should be the A #1 priority for next year. I'd like to see alcohol sales ... more>>
created by BulldogBuckeye on Apr 13, 2018     comments: 5

Asparagus Roots     Anyone know where I can get Asparagus roots from? 2 year would be great.
created by Molsonator on Apr 11, 2018     comments: 2

Real estate question...     tried to get a realtor to show me a property as a potential investment/rehab project.... they refused unless i already have an approved loan. is this really where the toledo market is these days ? do they figure it isnt worth the shoe leather and gas ?
created by enjoyeverysandwich on Apr 11, 2018     comments: 13

Pythian Castle renovations set to resume    
created by ckbeats21 on Apr 06, 2018     comments: 2

TAWA No Free Showers Baby     The City concluded the last of six presentations yesterday attempting to explain the Toledo Area Water Authority to the citizens of Toledo. In essense the proposed quasi governmental organization will be composed of the outlying suburbs of Toledo, Toledo itself to form an operating structure providing water for all using ... more>>
created by Mariner on Apr 06, 2018     comments: 18

New Maumee Monette's     Did a lot of catching up with family and friends over the weekend, rumor is Monettes Market has plans to build a location on the current the green space at Conant and East Broadway in Maumee. I've long thought a deli/market/liquor outlet in that neighborhood would be a hit, as ... more>>
created by SavageFred on Apr 02, 2018     comments: 16

Any Peruvian places in the area     I love Peruvian food. Are there any places in the area that serve decent Peruvian food? I tried google and yelp without much luck. I have no problem driving to A2 or the Detroit area if it's authentic
created by jamesteroh on Apr 01, 2018     comments: 1

Old Orchard burglar     Without saying his name this guy was caught breaking in to a old orchard home an as I look at his picture he has also been on my porch with a plastic jug in hand collecting money for his so called church. I saw his picture on the Toledo Municipal Court Clerk ... more>>
created by moxie on Apr 01, 2018     comments: 7

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