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Douglas Road     Wow, PHH really wants votes. The day that the Blade printed a reader's letter asking why Douglas Road between Laskey and Alexis has never been repaved, the pothole patrol was out and filling in the holes that afternoon. Sorry Paula, fixing the holes doesn't get my vote. Maybe if you ... more>>
created by ThePhysician on Nov 04, 2017     comments: 16

City of Toledo Leaf Collection     Just received a text alert that leaf collection will begin in 43615 tomorrow, November 2nd. Tell that to the trees. Which haven't even changed color yet, let alone started dropping leaves. This just underscores how damn stupid the City administration is. If there's anything I hate its a leaf pile ... more>>
created by holland on Nov 01, 2017     comments: 23

Lots and Lots of Hawks     My daughter attends school at Scott Park, and for the last couple of days, I've noticed dozens of hawks riding the thermals when I drop her off in the morning. Not just one or two, but dozens, more than I've ever seen before. It looks like they're over the solar ... more>>
created by Anniecski on Oct 31, 2017     comments: 6

What local bars are showing the world series?     We have direct TV and they haven't carried Channel 36 in over a month. Boyfriend is getting irritated he can't watch the world series. Are there any local bars that have Buckeye or DISH? No downtown bars have Buckeye, every bar has Direct. We were told that Buckeye has some agreement ... more>>
created by classylady on Oct 29, 2017     comments: 20

Wood pellets     We're new to the area & the house we bought has a pellet stove. Does anyone know who has the best price on pellets in the area? I was hoping to see them at Costco but didn't see any on our last trip. Thanks.
created by treesyjo on Oct 24, 2017     comments: 5

Anthony Wayne Trail Gateway     Has there been any timetable or plan for upgrading the outbound (from downtown) infrastructure? Because that stretch (including the Trail and the ramp to SB I-75, is an abomination and needs attention like yesterday.
created by BulldogBuckeye on Oct 24, 2017     comments: 2

UT Loses Physician Assistant Accreditation     According to the Blade, UT had about 7 months' notice that they were in danger of losing approval for their PA program. This has got to be rough for the 125 or so students who are currently enrolled and now can't become PAs. Owens lost their nursing school accreditation a ... more>>
created by viola on Oct 23, 2017     comments: 12

Larry Sykes and Julian Mack     Has anyone else seen the rumor circulating that Larry Sykes is currently being booked for choking Julian Mack at a downtown bar tonight? (Source of info is people sharing Julian Mack's Facebook post stating that police were called.) WTF?
created by mom2 on Oct 19, 2017     comments: 49

I think they missed their mark!     Too funny, my son got the same postcard and we thought the exact same thing!
updated by SensorG on Oct 19, 2017     comments: 21

Anyone know what's going on with Fox 36 and Directv?     They haven't reached an agreement yet and it's been a good month. Fortunately the only show I watch on Fox is the Simpsons and sometimes the 10 news if I don't want to stay up late but my Boyfriend doesn't like not being able to watch football on Sunday. I tried ... more>>
created by classylady on Oct 19, 2017     comments: 1

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