Toledo Talk

To send a private message to another user, click on your username, which will take you to your profile page. Then click the micro blog link.

Within the little text box, type the word "to" without the quotes, followed by the colon punctuation mark, then the recipient's username, then at least one space, and then your message.

        to:admin Why is the site running slow?

After sending a private message, a copy of the sent message will appear on your micro blog page with a grey background, and it's only visible to you. If you don't see the grey background, then you made an error in your syntax. Hit the delete link for the post and try again.

When you receive a private message, it will have a peach-colored background.

You will be notified about receiving private messages by link text with a yellow background on this site's homepage. That link will take you to your micro blog page, so that you can view the new messages received.