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Article source for : Tool at the HC... was good. ;p

kinda short. They had an opener from LA that they are grooming, kinda like them but more prog, didn't catch the name. Tool did maybe 8-9 songs (anybody have an actual setlist?)...great lights, good sound...then brought that band's drummer out to do a solo with Danny, then they went off for what we thought was the intermission, about 10 minutes, awesome light show during, then came back and did Aenima and left the stage. I was like, o that's Tool goofing, they'll come back out and do more, but no. Everyone around us was like, WHAT????! when the lights came up, but I was still waiting for them to go back down and the band to come back out, but no, lol. A tad disappointing for me as I had some people with me who are huge fans, but had never seen them live, and I wanted them to have a great experience. They said they weren't disappointed, so.... The Kid was there and he said that Tool did that when we saw them before, but I didn't remember. o well, glad they came, always a good time! :)