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Article source for : WLQR 106.5 the Ticket and other radio

I enjoy listening to the radio occasionally, it probably started way back when I would listen to Earnie Harwell and Tiger's baseball on WJR at my Grandmothers house. Years went by WJR stopped carrying the Tigers and Earnie and Grandma are now deceased. You can find the Tiger's but reception is not like it was on WJR.

I enjoyed listening to ESPN radio occasionally when I would be going around doing errands then just after New Years 106.5 dropped ESPN and went to CBS Sports radio. When ever I turn on 106.5 anymore I just do not feel engaged or concerned about what they are talking about and I change the station.

I guess my first question to TT'ers is: Are there any viable good stations and shows to listen to anymore on the radio? If so please let me know - especially sports.

Second - Have people found more success and enjoyment through Satellite radio or streaming through the computer. If so, tips or links would be appreciated. I'm just really tired of dialing around and not finding anything I want or not knowing where to find the things I do want to listen to.