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Article source for : West Toledo Krogers development conversation

I'll admit, I hadn't put too much thought into the debate on whether or not the Notre Dame Sisters should allow Kroger to develop on their property. I appreciate the love for the trees and green space, and personally value seeing it as a I drive by. That said, I've got no skin in the game.

This past week I was invited to join this FB group:

I appreciate the passion, and totally get where they are coming from. I do think that part of town is too dense and poorly planed. I do think Kroger could get away with redeveloping their currently property. Regardless, there are clearly multiple sides and voices in this argument.

Editorial from the nuns:

Letter to editor from the nuns:

What are your thoughts on this? Are you FOR Krogers taking over part of the Nun's campus, or are you AGAINST it? For both sides, I'm curious WHY you feel that way.