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Article source for : Grocery Business

We talk about the grocery business quite a bit on this board. Speculation about new Whole Foods, Trader Joes have become their own meme's, while Kroger's motivation and methods are oft speculated about. There was a very interesting article in the Dayton paper today about the competition they're seeing locally. Dayton has been a comparable market to Toledo for years. The sprawl (think Troy to Montgomery, about 40 miles north to south) and the now uniopolis of Dayton/Cincinnati has created an interesting market to be watched. Lots of transients without entrenched loyalty, grocers are effectively outspending each other grabbing market share. We are very much on the verge of a similar grocery war. We will see hot beds in West Toledo, Sylvania township, Maumee and Perrysburg/ Rossford. I suspect the relocation of Kroger's will continue, and an inevitable reinvestment in Meijer. Whether we see Fresh Thyme, Trader Joe's or additional Whole Foods or Fresh Markets In the not too distant future will be interesting to see.