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Article source for : DYI Oops?

So. I decided that I was tired of the kitty litter box being in the house and having the cats track the litter beyond litter box. So. I decided to build a cage in the garage that I can put the litter box in and then cut a hole in the wall so the cats can get to it from the house. I made my measurements, I built the cage, and I cut the hole in the wall - two holes, inside wall drywall and outside wall drywall (inside wall of garage).

All is well. I think. What gives me pause _now_ is that when I cut the hole in the inside wall, I also cut through a plastic sheet and I had to take out the insulation. (I made sure I was cutting in an area with no electrical.) I'm not worried about the insulation - my next step once the cats get used to the new location will be to put a doggie door over the hole to minimize cold air, although the hole is in a closet so that will help.

But the plastic sheeting. Is that something important? It's not like I live in a box with no windows - so there are holes in the sheeting already. But I don't know how they seal the plastic sheeting around the doors/windows, so I don't know if I just messed with the whole balance of the house with my kitty door or not.

Any thoughts, TT?