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Article source for : Freezing Pipes Danger?

Okay, guys, need some input and hopefully it will be reassuring. I'm out of town right now, and my power at home went out with the winds yesterday. At first I thought it would be okay because the weather was in the 50s, but now it's looking to get to the 20s tomorrow. Power is not estimated to be restored until late Saturday night. So, do I have to be worried about my pipes freezing in this time frame?

I have someone checking on the house, and they said they would turn all of the faucets on to a trickle today. I do have one bathroom on an outside wall, and my clothes washer is on the second floor above the garage. Otherwise the other two bathrooms and the kitchen sink/dishwasher are on interior walls.

I do have a gas fireplace but it ignites with a light switch - I have no idea how to light it without that switch. My hot water tank is in the garage, so I'm worried about the pipes connected to that freezing as well because the garage has no insulation.