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Article source for : Landlord/Tenant question

There is rental property next door to us. Our driveways are next to each other, with our chain link fence between them. Before Christmas, they had a sewer back-up, and their clean-out is next to the driveway. The plumber cleaned out the sewer, which was full of toilet paper and tampons, because of a city tree and the roots, which were blocking the disposal of those items.

The pile of toilet paper and tampons is still sitting there. Some of it dried up and blew through the fence into our yard. We've asked the tenants to clean it up, but they told us it's the landlord's responsibility and they've contacted him many times about it.

If I report this to the city, who will get the fine if it's not cleaned up? The tenant or the landlord? It will obviously cause tension between us and the tenants, and I don't want that, but it needs to be cleaned up. It's disgusting. Who is actually responsible? Thank you