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Article source for : GreenTech L.P. - Computer/Electronic Recycling

Officially licensed in Ohio (GreenTech L.P) is now accepting the following items for recycling/refurbishment:

Telecommunication Equipment
Battery Backups
LCD, and CRT computer monitors (Sorry no CRT televisions)
Plasma, LED/LCD Televisions
Printers/Fax machines/Ink Cartridges
Cell Phones/business/home phones
VHS/DVD players
Lithium Ion Batteries (cell phone or laptop non-working ok)
Video & Audio Equipment
PBX Systems
Projection Equipment
Cable boxes
Receivers & Transmitters
Security Equipment
Gaming Devices
Any other electronics (No vacuums/appliances please)

We offer secure data destruction for those who are interested. Anyone donating items, will receive a receipt for tax right off purposes. Please contact me with any questions/concerns, or call me at (419) 509-1081. We also intend on donating a portion of all proceeds to local charitable/non-profit organizations.


Scott Cramer