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Article source for : I-75/ I-280 split. Heads up

What they are calling a "lane shift" is also a "lane switch." Yesterday I went through there and the lanes were the same but the overhead signs had reversed the lane assignments. I-280 was no longer to the left, and I-75 was no longer to the right. That was just the signs though. The roads hadn't changed. Ha ha. Funny trick. You should have seen people all over the place. I've never seen such a mess. Traffic came to a stop as people jumped back and forth trying to figure out where in the hell ODOT was telling them to go.

I guess this morning they actually changed the LANES so that they match the signs. Probably a good idea.

Just know that it is much more than a lane "shift." It's totally different and the lane assignments are *reversed*, not "shifted." Coming out from under the speed trap at Ottawa River Road and into the big curve to the west, I-280 traffic is now the right side of the road, and I-75 is the left.

Be careful out there.