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Article source for : Annoying Buckeye Broadband Data Cap Warning

Ugh....Buckeye Broadband has the most annoying message flashing when you are approaching the data cap limit. It used to be that you could click an acknowledgement once or twice and be done with thew warning.

Now, the warning pops up every five minutes or so for an instant, especially if you are on a page and remain on it for a few minutes. The effect is almost like a subliminal message: quick image, then gone. It comes and goes so fast that it is even hard to get a screenshot, but I finally managed one:

<img src="" width="640" height="308" alt="Buckeye Broadband"></a>

Anyone else getting this annoying message every few minutes? It happens no matter what browser I use, and it also appears on my phone when I have the phone synced to the WiFi.