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Article source for : Toledo Blade Editorials

First off, I am not a Blade Basher. I realize that the Blade has gotten thinner and offers less coverage than it did in the past, but that is not the Blade's fault, but rather the forces of the internet at work.

Lately, I have noticed an editorial shift at the Blade. I am not sure if Keith Burris is still with the Blade. However, his columns to me seemed seated in common sense and I found that although I sense that he and I are of different parties at the national level, at the local level we have much in common.

I am unsure if it is his influence or someone else's, but lately the Blade's Editorials have been spot on, including the one today that called for criminal charges to be brought against Children's Services for their gross negligence in the Aliyiah Smith case.

If you are unfamiliar with this case, I will say that despite my tough guy exterior, it brings tears to my eyes every time I read about it. The Blade investigated the case and their editorial correctly castigated Children's Services. I hope that the Blade continues their pressure on Children's Servcies...especially as they seem to continually want more levy money.

Other Blade editorials about incompetence in the Mayor's office, the shuffling of city workers to purgatory in the water department, the "missing $8 million", lack of communication, lack of vision, etc. have been excellent.

Thus, if the Blade Editorial writers are out there, kudos to you. Keep up the good work as a newspapers job is to be a watchdog. This is especially important in a one party town like Toledo that doesn't have a (credible) opposition party.

My final request is that they PLEASE call for an outside, independent audit of the water department!