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Article source for : Pizza Cat/Pizza Lion Ripped Off

Pizza Cat, a relatively new entry into the pizza market in Toledo, is unfortunately being mauled by a business with which they had an agreement. I would like to know the whole story, if anyone has it. BLUE AGAVE Margarita & Tequila Bar had Pizza Cat selling their wares occasionally (?) under the name Pizza Lion.

All of a sudden (9/7), they lock out the Pizza Cat team, and start using the Pizza Lion name themselves. They even parked the domain name BEFORE the hostile takeover (8/25).

It's crazy. And if it really went down the way it appears to have gone down, they have a lot of 'splainin' to do.

Personally, I love Pizza Cat's unique style (you order via Facebook messaging), the pizza is great with interesting choices, and let's face it: It's pretty brave to open Yet-another-pizza-place in Toledo.

Anyone have the skinny on this? Sussing out the truth is right up TT's alley!