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Article source for : What local bars are showing the world series?

We have direct TV and they haven't carried Channel 36 in over a month. Boyfriend is getting irritated he can't watch the world series.

Are there any local bars that have Buckeye or DISH? No downtown bars have Buckeye, every bar has Direct. We were told that Buckeye has some agreement that in exchange for getting the feed to carry the Mudhen and Walleye's game they won't provide service to downtown bars. I wasn't sure if that extended to all the bars in the city or just downtown. We tried using an antenna and even though 36 is less than a mile from us we can't get a signal, I think it's due to the age of our building.

I'd love to cut the cable (or dish in this case) if we could get the local stations with an antenna or paying buckeye for the cheapest lineup they have. Seeing people can't watch the World Series or a lot of football games it seems like a valid excuse to get out of a contract. I'm going to call tomorrow and request a credit.