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Article source for : Cops and bad guys

The ABC evening news did a report yesterday Tues. on the sandbag thrown from the interstate bridge resulting in serious injury to the occupants in the passing vehicle below. What they did not include in the story was the quick apprehension of the four suspects by Toledo Division. That really should have been included in a week that saw the U.S. Attorney General Sessions visit Toledo and speak about crime stats that were not 100% accurate and did not reflect what by any objective analysis has been happening here in Toledo. TPD does not require any cheerleading, they do enough of that on their own, but we do deserve a fair representation on conditions here in the Glass City. Sheriff Tharp was early and effective with his response to the opioid crisis setting a model with Dart for many in the nation to follow. Chief Kral has been effective in reaching out to all segments of the population so they gain a better understanding of his department. We are fortunate to have both men on deck, on station, and performing well. ABC should have given credit where it was due.