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I know its a work in progress, but it has been quite a few years now..... Im just not feeling it over there. Im starting to wonder if it will ever truly take off. I like Manhattens and Poco Loco real well.....but something just feels amiss when considering the area for a Saturday nite destination. It doesnt feel as walkable. The dark stretches between businesses dont help, thats for sure. Area in general still seems to be quite sketchy and perception is reality. Im not certain that it wouldve been better for all of the investment to have went to a bigger, broader, Warehouse District, which for all intents and purposes, is what Adams St currently can only hope to become....but without the benefit of an arena and a baseball stadium.
Why why WHY the city of Toledo still does not make proper (and decorative) lighting a priority for all of downtown, Adams, and Warehouse District, is beyond me.
Caveat: Part of my thinking may be skewed based upon my experiences as an Uber driver....riders from The Attic were BY FAR (and consistently) the worst in Toledo. Millenial hipster bullshit factory. good god, I thought it was just an internet invention. But no, they truly exist.