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... to find a new location for its jail. I know Toledo neighborhoods don't want a big building devoted to the criminal justice system to be built nearby, but there are some townships and tiny towns that might welcome a new source of employment.

Why not open the bidding for small towns to submit economic development packages regarding shovel-ready land, road access, and workforce potential? Subtract the anticipated cost of transportation to/from the courthouse from that. It might be a wash.

Jerusalem Township is about to lose a lot of jobs and tax revenue from Davis-Besse ... they might welcome a new addition to their area.

Spencer Township has a vacant school campus and subsidized housing full of people who might like to have a shot at good-paying jobs and careers.

The Crissey area has plenty of auto salvage facilities and rural acreage - perhaps those residents would enjoy diversifying their local economy :)

I wouldn't expect Whitehouse or Waterville to jump in, but those towns could also benefit ... if they chose to structure a deal on their own terms.

Rather than trying to jam an unwanted project into metro neighborhoods, maybe look around and see who WANTS to have the potential for employment and further development.

Edit: sorry -- "Lucas County Needs" instead of "Need." I don't know how to edit a title :(