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Article source for : Looking for recomendations for places that can program a car keyfob

Are there any local places that can program a car keyfob? The keyfob remote for my car is messed up and needs replaced and I'm told the dealership will charge around $250 to $300 for a replacement. My car only came with two keys and no valet key and when I had the remote starter put in my car they required the spare key so this is my only key.

I've found blank keyfob remotes online but they need to be cut and programmed. I am fine having two keys on my keyring and just having the spare fob programed to unlock and lock my car. There are some videos on youtube on how to do it but it requires a device that can program the fobs.

Are there any locksmiths in Toledo that can do it? I was told McElahaney can't and they are the only locksmith I know of locally