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Article source for : The new Westwood

Anyone else read this story with amusement?

"Adult Business Sign Draws Objections in West Toledo":

OK, I get that they don't like the new sign--fair enough. It _is_ a little over the top for a neighborhood.

But bitching because there's "porn" in the neighborhood? After 40+ years of it being a _porn_ theater?

_"Why would anyone want a business like that in their neighborhood?" asked Jennifer Lahna, who has lived in Library Village for 36 years._

Why would you live in a neighborhood with an active porno theater for 36 years if you find porn so objectionable?

Another voice:

_"It's mostly the signage, but the customers there will obviously not be the people you want around a school and children," said Bill Siebemaler, who has lived in the neighborhood for 10 years._

And who made the choice to move into a neighborhood with an <b>active porn theater</b>??? 10 years ago! _Now_ it's an issue?

_When Ms. [Lindsay] Webb addressed the residents Saturday, she said she backed them 100 percent on their mission to get the arcade out of the neighborhood. "We've got to stop the sex industry from coming into the commercial corridor," she said._

Stop the sex industry from _coming into the commercial corridor_??? Hey, Petunia Pig--it's been a porno theater for <b>40 frippin' years</b>! I know you're not good at dates 'n' stuff, but I think that pre-dates your term in office (although I admit, your tenure on council does seem like it has been forever).

But the biggest laugher:

_"It's not like anyone here is going to walk over there for our sex fix..."_

Maybe, maybe not. Maybe your husbands just call it up on the internet nowadays...